My Journal

Between Winter and Spring

In between Winter and Spring in Maine there is another season.  A season of longer days, warmed sun, mud, 3 foot snow storms, sap buckets, skiing, snowshoeing, 50 degree days and -5 degree mornings.  It's confusing and mentally exhausting.  The season in between Spring and Winter has many names, yet none at all.  Spring is so close you can taste it, smell it, feel it in every part of your soul.  But Winter is still fighting.  It is not quite yet time to open the doors and windows to air out the house, though we've all done it.  It's still time for warm wood burning fires, a cup of tea, and hot chocolate after a long cross country ski.  It's the season in Maine that Gifford's opens to give us all a little hope that the worst is over (we hope), the days are longer and warmer.  Spring does always, eventually return, we can survive another Maine Winter.  

This is the time we cut more wood to throw on the fire, grin and bear it, and simply make the best of it.  I took the opportunity to grab my camera and simply have fun today.  It wasn't work, though it truthfully never is.  It was fun and effortless and free.  I rarely take this time at home and I vow to do it more often.  My husband might be less inclined, the dogs are always annoyed, and the girls wanted me to capture their circus on skis.  

Enjoy a glimpse of our Maine Winter/Spring Saturday.  If you're in Maine, hang tight, we got this.  If you're someplace else, someplace warm...I don't have any words for you  :)  


No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
— Hal Borland

This is how we really feel about the season between Winter and Spring.  Now go get that ice cream at Gifford's!