My Journal

Kyle and Hannah's Engagement Adventure at Ricker's Hard Cider

Hannah and Kyle wanted something a little bit different for their engagement session.  Though Kyle really wanted to spend their engagement session on the ice at the ice shack, he compromised for his future wife.  Good Boy Kyle.  :)  We settled on Ricker's Hard Cider Tasting Room with a fun brewery/cidery tour.  If you haven't been to Ricker Hill,  you should definitely find your way there!  ASAP!  Think hard cider but with a twist of an amazing brewmaster.  With flavors like Apple Pie, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Maple, Cherry, need I go on?!!  

We explored and laughed our way through the brewery.  So our future grooms are usually less than thrilled with engagement I right or amiright?!  But Kyle had a blast!  We all laughed, smiled, laughed lots more, explored and then froze our butts off as we snuck outside for a few minutes (Maine winters are NO joke.  It was a balmy -9 that afternoon).  Hannah and Kyle kissed lots to stay warm!

Thank you Hannah and Kyle for being such great sports, for braving the cold, drinking hard cider, and letting me capture your love.  I cannot wait for your wedding in July.  Hard Cider Kegs anyone?

As ALWAYS a huge thank you to my Ricker Hill "family"!