About Me

My name is Jess Woodcock. I'm a Maine photographer. 

"Though I love photography, passion is my passion."

"Though I love photography, passion is my passion."

People often say I have an eye for photography, but I don't think that's quite right. I think I have the heart for photography.

When I'm capturing a wedding, a family session, meeting a newborn for the first time, or working on a project with a local business, I feel things, I don't just see them. I can feel the passion in those moments.   That is what I capture.  The moments, emotions, the connections that make you feel and the memories that help shape our futures. 

Often times people ask me what my passion is. Though I love photography, passion is my passion. I can lose and find myself in a single moment when I'm behind the lens and have the ability to capture people being natural, authentic, caring, honest, and passionate.    

I have a passion for forever moments.

  • The moment in which a father sees his daughter, the bride, come down the stairs in her bridal gown.  Those tears, that love cannot be defined in a simple snapshot.  That moment is a feeling, a memory in which he will cherish forever.  
  • The moment a mother sits and holds hands with her daughter, Bible in hand, as they pray for a happy, healthy, and loving future.  Those tear stained verses are a symbol or infinite love and support.  That is a passion that will be passed down for generations.  
  • The moment of painful joy as a groom reads a handwritten journal from his soon to be wife: a journal that retells their tale, their history, their love from day one.  
  • The moment you catch a mother watching her family with a loving eye playing on the beach; as her boys play, explore, and discover you can feel that every sacrifice made was worth it.  
  • The moment you see a designer, sitting on a dock, climbing onto a lobster boat, surrounded by her product and you see her bravery, her fear of success and failure; but mostly you feel her pride.  

My Style is passion.


It changes with my clients and my surroundings. A family of four, a bride and groom from Los Angeles, a local jewelry designer, a couple from Arizona, a fireman, a newborn surrounded by a loving family; whoever you are, you have a story, passion, and memories that help shape the future.  May it be the rugged Maine coast, a pile of worn and tattered lobster trays, an old brick industrial mill, the summit of Tumbledown, or a small marina, I find inspiration in the authentic, natural, and honest beauty of Maine and my clients.  

Like the wind, passion is felt and not seen.  My job is to capture the wind and then share it with you.