My Journal

Mapple Dapple

Pronoucned mmm-apple daaahhh-pple.  

This is what we in the Woodcock house call maple season, the making of maple syrup, the tapping of the tress, the boiling, the bottling, and the straight up drinking of maple syrup.  

It is all Mapple Dapple.  

Here is an account of one of our Friday afternoons in the Mapple Dapple Shack, what normal Mainers might call a Sugar Shack.  

In the Mapple Dapple Shack we split wood, take naps on the floor underneath the stove, play dice, cribbage, take more naps, give hugs, get in the way of everything, breathe in the magical aroma of boiling sap steam, eat meals, laugh, love, smile, write on the walls, throw peanut shells on the floor, take another nap, wait patiently (kinda), and enjoy every second of this very short (sleepless) season.  

I hope you enjoy a moment in time in our Mapple Dapple Shack.  


and we picnic in the winter on maple syrup and snow
— The Magnetic Fields - Smoke Signals