My Journal

Jeff and Anna at Bear Mountain Inn

Where do I begin my love story?  Oh, sorry I mean Anna and Jeff's love story.  My connection to Anna and Jeff came through a friend (can I just tell you how happy it makes me when friends/clients refer new clients?).  Anna and Jeff live in California and longed to come home for a Maine wedding.  I am so thankful they did!  

I remember my first phone call with Anna clearly.  I remember her free and easy spirit.  I remember her being strong and confident and knowing exactly what she wanted.  She told me about their family, their friends, and Jeff's band that would all be flying in for their wedding.  They were going to have a lakeside lobster and clam bake, surrounded by loved ones, and a killer band.  She wanted all the happiness of everyone to be captured naturally.  For Jeff and Anna, they wanted this day to be a day for everyone.  I remember smiling when she told me about her and Jeff's story.  Mostly I remember feeling happy.  I was confident we were going to be perfect for each other!  I couldn't wait for their Maine October Bear Mountain Inn wedding!  

I never had the chance to meet Jeff and Anna before their wedding day.  I always love those connections before hand, but sometimes being across the country doesn't allow for that.  Jeff, Anna, and I quickly aqquainted to the point of long lost childhood friends.  I still, months later, am baffled that we have only known each other for 8 hours.  Jeff and Anna wanted me to capture the moments, the connections, and the emotion of their wedding day.  It's like they already knew my soul.  That, that is what I am.  

Scroll through, I hope you enjoy some of the moments, the connections, the love.  I hope you enjoy Jeff and Anna as much as I do.  

Bear Mountain Inn is located in South Waterford Maine.  Print directions, your cell phones GPS will not get you here directly.  It will get you very close, print directions.  This area of Maine is a hidden gem.  It is chocked full of lakes, ponds, color, small towns, and treasures.  The Inn was the perfect setting for Jeff and Anna's family and friends wedding.  

Thank you Jeff and Anna for letting me put you in a canoe, in October, when it was freezing.  I couldn't feel my feet for at least seven hours.  Anna, thank you for being a girl that wears beat up black Chucks and one that isn't afraid to get in a canoe in a wedding dress.  You guys get me!

The morning of Jeff and Anna's wedding was a little non traditional.  Almost everyone attending the wedding was already at the Inn.  It was a morning surrounded by family and friends.  Anna and Jeff spent the morning together.  Jeff's suit and Anna's dress hung quietly together and they spent time together as they prepared for their day.  They stole kisses while Anna had her hair and makeup done and Anna stole glances as Jeff got ready.  It was so very different and so very touching.  It was perfect and I am so thankful.  

Connections, love, emotions, moments surrounded.  Some of these moments capture emotion one can only feel.  Jeff's expression as Anna comes down the isle.  Anna's loving eyes as she listens to Jeff as he deliver his vows, family holding hands as Jeff and Anna commit their lives to each other.  One of my favorites images from their wedding, is the one above.  Anna's father officiated their ceremony.  You will see his wedding band and his soon to be son in laws band as Jeff places the wedding band on Anna's left hand.  How much love and commitment is in this picture? 

Ahhh, this picture.  Anna wore her grandmothers mantilla instead of a traditional veil.  Oh, my, wow!  And her mothers hands as she secured it before the ceremony.  I can't...

And just for fun, lots of fun little details.  Of and Apple Cider Mimosas!  YEA GUYS!  APPLE CIDER MIMOSAS!  How Maine is this?  And obviously made with the best cider, ever.  

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into Jeff and Anna's amazing Maine destination wedding. 

Hair and Makeup done on location by Katie at Elegance Design.  She is ahhhmazing!  Please contact her for any onsite event hair and makeup needs.  

Floral design by KMD Florist. 

Lobster and Clambake by Coastal Critters Clambakes.  

Good old fashioned Maine Whoopie Pies...because whoopie pies!!!! by Labadie's Bakery.  

I couldn't leave these guys out!  The Grilled Cheese Soundwich! Entreatment at it's finest!  The folks in South Waterford were graced with some amazing music that night!  

For real this time, 

Thank you!