My Journal

True North

Just take a minute to read this quote by Heather Lux, founder of True North.  Let it sink in, and then tell me how you feel about it.  

I’m inspired by women who are strong, women who push really hard, women who help other women, women who are proud and confident, and women who live a life full of purpose and passion and are grateful for every day.
— Heather Lux, Founder of True North

Oh right, you can't tell me how you feel about it, because you are way over there somewhere in the world and I'm way over here.  How about I tell you how I feel about it, and then you can just nod in agreement.  Sound O.K.?  Great!  Sit back, read, listen, love, and enjoy this wonderful journey I have just begun with True North!

One more time.  "I'm inspired by women who are strong, women who push really hard, women who help other women, women who are proud and confident, and women who live a life full of purpose and passion and are grateful for every day."  Right now, as I finish up the edit for Heather of True North Beauty I am humbled, inspired, motivated, honest, true, happy, and passionate.  I want to be a better person today.  I want to be a better person tomorrow.  I want to be stronger and more confident in my dreams of love and happiness, health and family  How can a face cleanser and lotion make me feel this way?!?!  Let me try to explain why.  

I met Heather a  month or so ago at Forage, a small and mythical coffee shop on Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine.   Our marketing magic makers at Anchour introduced us via email in hopes we could each help each other.  We spoke briefly on the phone, via text and email and set a date.  Just like that.  It was a simple and true connection. We met and my heart skipped a beat (not being dramatic, it really did, a few times).  Heather is everything that I am and everything that I want to be.  I don't mean that in a lame "OMG I want to be her kind of way".  I mean that in a very genuine respect kind of way.  She is strong, passionate, and creative.  She thrives on a sense of gratitude, love, respect, and compassion to herself and others.  She wants to inspire other women to believe in their inner beauty, their strengths, their souls, and their passions.  I felt all of this within minutes of being in her presence.  

What Heather needed from me was digital images for marketing to help build, strengthen, and grow her brand.  So what is True North?  True North is a beauty routine.  A ritual of their Chaga Wild Harvest Blend that involves facial cleansers, polish, and hydrating cream.  But True North is built on a foundation that is so much more than a beauty routine.  True North has a daily routine that involves caring for your skin (which is important obviously) but the foundation is actually about taking care of yourself.  Loving yourself, respecting yourself and being authentic, natural, and true to you.  

For many of you that know me, a morning beauty routine doesn't sound like the norm.  Yea, well you're right.  But let me tell you this stuff is magical and amazing!  I have facial cleanser and facial polish in my shower!  AND, AND, I actually know how to wash my face with it!  Seriously ladies, I'm not getting any younger and you need to give this stuff a try.  Anyway, I digress, maybe, just maybe this means someday I will have a pair of heals and carry a purse....


On the morning of our shoot we worked off Heather's very detailed list and plan.  This girl is uber organized! We styled desks, tables, trays, and layouts.  We danced around each other in blissful motion like we had worked together forever.  We talked and schemed and planned.  Together we accomplished so much in such a short period of time. I truly wish I could put into words how wonderful and calming it was to be surrounded by strength, compassion, creation, respect, love, and passion.  The inspiration, motivation, and gratitude was infectious.  Thank you Heather, for letting me be a part of your journey.  

Friends, I give you True North.  Please promise me you will check it out.  You will not be disappointed.  Don't just look at her page, explore.  You'll find a sense of home.  You'll find nature and authenticity.   Take the time to read about Heather and True North, and if you are feeling inspired, try her products.  They smell and feel simply magical.  


At True North Beauty and Lost in Reverie Photography.  We stand for the following:

Women supporting women.  Inspiration.  Compassion.  Creation.  Authenticity.  Community.  Love.   Respect.  Honesty.  Hard work.  Giving.  

We've incorporated a few of our favorites into this product shoot as well.  You'll see some #truthbombs by Danielle Laporte and a Love Is The Maine Ingredient mug by E and H Creates, please check them out as well!  

Thank you for always listening, letting me love what I do, grow and learn.