My Journal

Landry and Stephanie's Spring in February Engagement Adventure

Every connection happens for a reason.  By fate or chance we are meant to meet certain people.  Landry and Stephanie's journey, though they did't know it, started in seventh grade by the sounds of it.  Who wanted to ask who out first?  You'll have to ask one of them for this story!  

Stephanie and Landry were delivered to me by chance and I am immensely grateful.  The day of our engagement started off beautiful.  Sunny and warm and not a cloud in the sky, then spring in Maine happened (during the winter) and it poured for two and a half hours.  I drove down to the location of our engagement session and called Stephanie to tell her we were going to have to cancel.  I hate cancelling sessions!  LOATHE!  Everyone is excited and ready and it is so disappointing.  But this was NOT a light spring rain, this was a storm of small animal sized rain drops!  The fog was thicker than pancake batter.  I couldn't see the camera in front of my face let alone think about seeing this gorgeous couple.  Ugh.  Whenever I have to cancel I always try to make sure I don't put my client out.  I don't want them to have to drive in the bad weather and then have to cancel.  

It turns out Landry and Stephanie were going to come check out our amazing location anyway.  They were so excited!  So, I drove back and kept my fingers crossed.  It stopped raining and though the fog was thick we were able to get this really fun session in!  I am so excited we did!  Thank you Landry and Stephanie for your sense of adventure and your fun love!  

The lyrics to Brad Paisley's Perfect Storm come to mind.  

When I talked with Stephanie about their engagement session they said they wanted to be along a river with snow and the open water.  It's winter here in Maine.  I thought about it for a few days, sought advice from my active outdoor friends and came up with a few locations.  Though I try my very best to make sure my clients have the experience they dream of, most important is my clients safety.  So I wasn't sure I could make this happen.  But thankfully we had a recent winter thaw, one which has left us Mainers in T-Shirts all week.  I was able to find a location with open water and a location in which I knew we would be safe on land.  Huge shout out to my new BFF Jay who delivered this "dam" perfect location.

Without further ado, I deliver you Landry and Stephanie's Engagement Adventure!  We braved ladders, the Androscoggin, waist deep snow and it was dam perfect.  How many dam jokes do you guys think I can make?  Their love is so dam cute.  Dam, Stephanie is gorgeous.  We sunk in snow up to our dam waist.  Seriously guys, I could do this all dam day!  I am hilarious!  They laughed, smiled, and kissed, a lot!  I'm not even sorry about how many kissy pictures there are in this session because it was just so dam natural and adorable.